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Women's Fiction

Moonridge Memories Saga

In the small town of Moonridge, Theresa and her best friends, Beth and Donna, reminisce about their youth when David, Wil, and Paul—their old friends and childhood crushes—come back to town. The six friends share memories of the summer of 1983, when troubles with their families and three bullies strengthened their bond and changed their lives forever. Fifteen years later, in the midst of their happy reunion, they are reacquainted with their childhood bullies: the sadistic Jordan brothers. Theresa and her friends must pull together in order to survive the present, while facing their darkest memories of the past.

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In book two of the Moonridge Memories series, it's seven years later and Theresa and her friends begin a new chapter in their lives: marriage and parenthood. Theresa's marriage to David is tested as he struggles to find a job and turns to an unexpected source for comfort: his alcoholic father. Life becomes all the more complicated when Theresa's mother requests they spend the weekend together, and Patrick Jordan is released from prison.

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In book three of the Moonridge Memories series, Theresa's world is turned upside down. Between an unusual offer from her mother, David leaving town on business, and her smarmy new boss at work, Theresa's life quickly spirals out of control. If that isn't enough, the bonds of friendship are tested when tragedy strikes her best friend Beth, who begins to question her place in the group.

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In the final book of the Moonridge Memories series, Theresa begins to reevaluate her life and relationships when a family member tragically dies. Her aunt, a traveling musician and her idol, visits for the first time in over thirty years and encourages Theresa to follow her dreams of becoming a singer before it's too late.

Meanwhile, Beth is still on the outs with her friends and deals with living an isolated life with Patrick Jordan, as he becomes increasingly possessive and dangerous. The more he reverts back to his old self, the more desperate Beth is to leave him, even if it means putting her life and the lives of the people she cares about in danger.

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All four novels of the Moonridge Memories saga are finally available in one complete collection!

Dog Days of Summer (Book 1)
Leaves In Autumn (Book 2)
Lonely Nights of Winter (Book 3)
Time Enough In Spring (Book 4)

This series follows the lives of Theresa and her best friends, Beth and Donna, as they reminisce about growing up together in the small town of Moonridge, Ohio and how their friendship got them through their tough childhoods.

The saga spans over forty years of their lives, including painful childhood memories, rocky marriages, parenthood, and the horrors that the Jordan brothers bring with them.

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The Virginia White Chronicles

From within the walls of a criminal asylum, Virginia White tells her story of a childhood dream becoming a waking nightmare. At fourteen, she invents a powerful weapon and places the plans on a computer disk. Now they want it, and they will stop at nothing to get it. Virginia soon learns that in order to survive she must become as coldblooded as the men pursuing her. Virginia is forced to lay everything on the line to keep them from obtaining the disk.

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